A Lean-to Conservatory Can Add Extra Space & Value

Lean to conservatories can be ideal if you need extra space but don’t have a huge garden to accommodate a larger structure. The advantage of this kind of structure is that you get the best of both worlds, more storage space plus a smaller area of the garden being lost than if it were a normal type of conservatory.

The pitch of the lean to structure can be altered to suit the needs of your property, the beauty of this kind of structure is it requires minimum building and labour costs, installation and maintenance costs can also be kept to a minimum because one wall is already built.

What Are Lean To Conservatories Made Of?

Low Cost Conservatory PricesYou can create a more open feel by having floor to ceiling glass or you can have a dwarf wall for more privacy. Choose from timber or PVC for the frames and various glass, however using low emissivity safety glass can absorb sunlight and reflect the internal warmth to keep your conservatory warm and energy efficient all year round.

The nice thing about this kind of home improvement is that it really can add extra value to your house, a lean to conservatory can look very stylish and modern, and really enhance the look of both your garden and home. It is very a welcoming, attractive and practical use of space

Imagine a much lighter, brighter environment where you are creating fresh space for extending your kitchen or increasing the space to your dining room. On a hot summers day this space can add a much needed boost for your guests at your barbecue or gathering.

What Other Uses Are There For Lean to Conservatories?

Other uses can include turning the space into a living room or even a small home office, it can also be used for storage or even a room to house another freezer or drinks cooler, another possible use could even be a greenhouse, housing a small botanical or herb garden, the possibilities are endless. of course when the need arises you could quickly convert it into a guest bedroom.

You are never far away from all the facilities of the house such as electricity and the main water supply, so no need for any additional plumbing or electrical work.

Overall having a lean to conservatory is a low cost way enjoying the convenience and comfort of the inside of your house whilst enjoying the fresh air and space outside. So why wait? Go and find out how much do UPVC Conservatories cost?

Low Cost Conservatory Prices